I'm having my baby in the Comox Valley

What are some common comfort measures I should consider for use in labour?

Comfort measures may ease labor pain directly or indirectly by soothing and relaxing you. Here are some examples: Create a calm environment: Dim lights, peaceful surroundings, soft music, privacy and warmth. Increase physical comfort: Walking, slow dancing with a partner, pelvic rocking, positioning pillows for comfort, sitting and swaying on birth ball (a large physiotherapy ball), lifting up the abdomen and/or rocking in a rocking chair. Walking with a Partner Walking with a Doula Slow Dancing Rocking on a Birth Ball Kneeling and Resting on a Birth Ball [...]

What should I bring to the hospital for me and baby?

The hospital will provide diapers for baby, as well as personal hygeine pads and a "peri-bottle" to help provide relief when using the toilet after birth. Otherwise you can bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, a pair of sandals for the shower, toiletries, warm pyjamas/outfits for baby, plenty of snacks, a car seat that will be checked by a nurse before you leave with baby. Many mothers swear by other comfort measures such as chapstick, your own pillow and warm socks or slippers!

Can I wear my own clothes during and after delivery?

Yes, please wear what is most comfortable for you as long as you can get your pants off quickly! A hospital gown will also be provided as an option for vaginal births, but must be worn for c-sections. We recommend your partner bring a change of clothes including shorts or a swimsuit and sandals should they decide to get into the shower with you.

Will both my partner and I be provided with meals?

Meals will be provided for you only at regular meal times. Please be sure to pack sufficient snacks in case you deliver outside these hours, each room is equipped with a small fridge. There are limited snacks provided during labour including juice, cookies, teas, crackers and cheese. There is a cafeteria downstairs and several coffee shops and restaurants nearby.

Can my partner sleep over?

Yes! Your partner and any other support people are welcome to spend the night. There is a fold out chair in each room that can be turned into a bed

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