Care Providers in the Comox Valley

Local Obstetrical Groups

PhysicianClinicAddressPhone Number
Daria Davyduke
Theresa Wilson
Trevor Shoesmith
Highland MaternitySuite 107C – 1966 Guthrie Rd, Comox250 890 0919
Sara Sandwith
Suzanne Watters
Wavecrest Medical Clinic382-106 Lerwick Road, Courtenay250-871-3411
Lissa Benson
Lauren Baerg
Currents Maternity Care Comox101B-1771 Comox Ave, Comox250 339 5780
Andre BraisCurrents Maternity Care Courtenay519G 5th Street, Courtenay250 338 2181

Local Midwives

2713 Dunsmuir Ave, Unit C, CumberlandCOMOX CLINIC:
1822 Comox Ave, Unit A, Comox
250 890 0832
Cedar House Midwives544 – 4th Street, Courtenay250 338 4810

Obstetricians (OB)

Provide care for high-risk pregnancies (e.g. carrying twins). A referral to see an OB is needed. OBs are doctors with special education and training in the medical management of pregnancy, labour, and birth. They are qualified to manage complications. In the Comox Valley, an Obstetrician does not provide primary maternity care but will act as a consultant to your Family Doctor or Registered Midwife if you experience complications.

Birth and After Birth Support

Doulas provide non-medical physical and emotional support before, during, and after birth. Please note that doulas do not do deliveries and costs are not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan, but may be covered with Aboriginal status.

Comox Valley Doulas