Comfort measures may ease labor pain directly or indirectly by soothing and relaxing you. Here are some examples:

  • Create a calm environment: Dim lights, peaceful surroundings, soft music, privacy and warmth.
  • Increase physical comfort: Walking, slow dancing with a partner, pelvic rocking, positioning pillows for comfort, sitting and swaying on birth ball (a large physiotherapy ball), lifting up the abdomen and/or rocking in a rocking chair.
Walking with a Partner

Walking with a Partner

Walking with a Doula

Slow Dancing

Rocking on a Birth Ball

Kneeling and Resting on a Birth Ball

Standing and Resting on a Birth Ball

Doing Pelvic Tilts

Climbing Stairs

  • Use touch: Massage, stroking, cuddling, counter pressure against the lower back or acupressure.
  • Apply heat (with or without water): Deep tub bath, shower, heating pad on groin or back, heated blanket.
  • Apply cold: Ice pack on lower back, cool cloth to wipe face.